If life is all about happiness, then eldr is a reason.

A simple guide to living a happier and healthier life.

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eldr – A platform to bring joy

Regional yet Global | Digital to Physical

We believe real life starts now, and happiness is base for a healthy life. Through a trustworthy and secure app and web portal, we enable happiness, active life, and a positive attitude. Our mission is to uplift the lifestyle, wellness, and health of our elders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eldr?

Eldr is a tool, built to help eldrers in several ways to live a healthy, happy, and exciting life. With eldr we want to be a medium through which elders will get access to

  1. Authentic information regarding health and wellness,
  2. Tools to find new connections and
  3. A great lifestyle. We believe every senior should enjoy their time as much as they have enjoyed being young.

What is 'eldr-lifestyle' ?

We believe that the secret to happiness is a healthy lifestyle. It is preassumed by most of us that elders are limited by certain interests but the fact is that we are never too old to experince something new. With eldr we want to create a possibilty for elders to live a happening lifestyle. Whether it be travelling, entertainment, or even a second career option, we have got you covered. Explore more about the eldr lifestyle here.

How can I be a part of eldr.community?

It’s very simple. Sign in to www.eldr.co and you will be notified each time we post a new article on our website. Next, contact us on WhatsApp (+91 9356952574) and we will send you the invite for our community group. In eldr.community is not just a community of seniors but we have people from various age groups and backgrounds helping each other in one way or other and we would be more than glad to have you on board. Get access to a circle of inspiring and joyful people, join the eldr.community today.

For whom is eldr for?

It is for each and everyone who has anything to do with elders and their wellbeing. Other than elders themselves, this platform serves sons and daughters who are looking for ways to help their parents live a happier and healthier life. Also if you’re looking to help any elderly in your neighborhood or you can be a health worker looking to help your patients, we have content and tools to serve all of you.

What can I expect from the eldr app?

We are soon going to announce our own exclusively designed app for elders which will be filled with authentic information, opportunities, events, communities, and many more. An easy-to-use interface for senior citizens along with the ability to translate in your mother tongue. A package of entertainment, knowledge and real connections will be delivered at your play stores soon. Stay tuned to know more about the best app for elders.