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The journey from an idea to the impact

Why Eldr?

What are we solving?

Growing older is an inescapable reality of life from the day we are born. While we being carefree in our younger years, challenges start cropping up after a certain age. We see in our families and around us that problems like; the need for companionship, a feeling of void, dependency on others, become very significant. We at elder have seen this very closely in our life experiences and wanted to develop a vernacular and contextual solution to help solve these problems and deliver health and happiness to our beloved elders.

we believe that life has just begun!

How does it Work?

Find Happiness through Eldr

Eldr uses advanced technology, our ancient wisdom, and modern research to empower our members to lead happier lives. We do this by connecting, collaborating, and celebrating our members and well-wishers on topics ranging from health, wellness, and lifestyle.


Empower elders to lead happy and healthy lives with dignity.

Our Focus

We are longevity & happiness guiding partner for elders


It starts with a good lifestyle that leads to wellness



Wellness leads to a healthier life


Health brings you happiness which again makes you healthier


Our Mantra for Excellence (Supunya)



Adaptability in an ever-changing world



Gratitude towards our teams, partners, and members



Ownership to deliver positive outcomes



Integrity in every thought, action, and transaction

Our Story

A Story That resulted in Eldr




The idea of HappyAging was born in 2018 after having seen close relatives in their prime go through a rapid deterioration in health and quality of life once they have ‘retired’ or ‘finished obligations’. The intent was to be a trusted source of curated information about health and wellness and also provide access to curated services that will help improve health and wellness.


Curated Audio, Video, and Written Original Content

HappyAging’s panel of medical experts developed an exhaustive body of contextual and curated content (audio, video, and text) for all medical conditions that afflict us as we age. Content on wellness was also developed using experts in the field. Inspirational stories of senior achievers and people living happily shared to provide real life ‘How To’s were developed.


Health & Wellness in Vernacular

In a multi-cultural world of different languages and habits that impact health and wellness, and also impact a larger cross-section of elders, it was important to develop curated content in multiple languages. Importantly, the rapid expansion of broadband internet allowed for access to HappyAging by elders, caregivers, and wellwishers in small towns and villages. The initial focus was to develop content in Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu.


Participate and Develop the Ecosystem

Recognizing that the focus on the elderly was nascent in India, it became clear that in addition to accelerating quality content it was important to help develop an ecosystem to address the needs of the elderly, caregivers, and wellwishers. With this HappyAging started engaging with partners like Hum Communities, Bharosa cell – a PMC initiative, Indian Geriatric Association among others to transition nascent efforts into a movement.


Covid and the Elderly

2020 will go down in history as the Year of Covid. Sadly, the elderly were most vulnerable to the disease. HappyAging increased focus on content that will help people stay safe and manage when afflicted. The HappyAging team also realized that the time was right to embark on the next phase of growth recognizing that the ecosystem maturity was in sight. As a pioneer, HappyAging observed that while newer providers started to emerge, there continued to be huge whitespace in space of trustworthy and holistic addressing of evolving needs of elders, caregivers, and well-wishers.


‘+ Lifestyle

To fuel the next phase of growth, the HappyAging team set out to identify a dynamic, committed, and like-minded leader who to chart the path for the next phase of growth. Together we rebranded and repositioned HappyAging to “Eldr”, and added a new element “Lifestyle” to Health and Wellness to bring completeness to Eldr. The idea that Happiness drives better Health got seeded. Looking at global research, Lifestyle, and Wellness were viewed as key contributors to Happiness and hence deserving of the attention of the platform.


Eldr and Growing

Today we are wiser and mature benefitting from the collective wisdom of our members and the ecosystem. We focus on addressing the key problem areas of companionship, the perceptible void, and gaps in self-reliance. We do this by bringing modern technology to help our members (elders, caregivers, and wellwishers) communicate, collaborate, celebrate and leverage Eldr as the one trusted platform that can do this in a safe and secure way.

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