10 ways to improve an elder’s quality of life

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Life is many things, but the foremost important part is quality living. We must add life to our days and not just be content with adding days to our lives. There’s more to life than breathing. No one needs to tell how quality living gives us more energy, enables us to endure stress, improves our appetite, and keeps our brain well lubricated. Senior citizens often face challenges in living a quality life because of the decline in social engagement, neglect by family and friends, mental and physical health problems.

Hence, here are ten ways to help them engage in healthy and happy living for many more years to come.

1. The potential of technology: Yes, you read it right – technology does help seniors. For instance, heart monitors, alert systems, and of course mobile phones. These enable them to become technologically advanced, giving them a wonderful sense of freedom and opportunity to connect with the new age.

2. Take help from them: Just because they have turned 60 does not mean they have become fragile. A working brain prevents a lot of degenerative diseases. Ask for involvement from them in your daily activities and make them feel that they are being needed.

3. Spend time with them: Time together is well worth it. Because all we have is each other in the end. Please stay connected with your older adult and spend quality time with them as time together is invaluable.

4. Create small goals: Challenge your seniors with small goals such as light exercising, yoga practice, or even eating healthy. Conquering goals will make them happy as well as lead them towards healthy living.

5. Encourage them to use the internet: Motivate them to use social media to share their thoughts and ideas with the younger generation and other elders. After all, being socially active is also a way of quality living.

6. Staying updated: Share what you read with them on mobile and later discuss by saying, “Did you see the piece I sent you?”. Discuss with them what’s going on around the world, be it a news update or a movie release date.

7. Talk about depression: Many seniors have a risk of becoming susceptible to psychological disorders. Encourage the seniors in your life to see a therapist, psychologist, or even have a mental health check-up.

8. Keep them mentally active: Not just using mobile, but crosswords, puzzles, other strategy games, reading, and writing are great ways for mental stimulation. This helps in keeping their mind active and improves overall well-being.

9. Focus on health: Regular health check-ups and proper medication for your elders are a must for focusing on the quality of life.

10. Keep them entertained: Motivate them to listen to music, watch movies, and pursue a new hobby. This will keep them entertained as well as you will enjoy watching them do something new every day.

Senior citizens need to have the feeling of being satisfied and fulfilled for their overall well-being. This helps them have a positive attitude towards life and live it to its fullest. It’s not enough to just be alive but to feel alive.

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