65-Year-Old Kerala Couple Tie Knot After Falling in Love at Old Age Home

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When it comes to the matters of heart, there is no age, no rules that define the relationship and dynamics between the two. A couple in Kerala rightly proved this when 66-year-old Kochaniyan Menon and 65-year-old Lakshmi Ammal fell in love at an old age home in Thrissur and tied the nuptial knot on December 28.

Kochaniyan and Lakshmi knew each other for 30 years. When Lakshmi’s husband passed away 21 years ago, he requested Menon to look after his wife. Kochaniyan Menon respected his late friend’s request and stayed connected to care for his wife, but for last couple of years, they had lost touch. When Lakshmi, who had moved to the government-run old age home in Thrissur’s Ramavarmapuram, two years ago, met Menon again, who had also moved to the senior home recently, their affection blossomed into a beautiful relationship. The couple soon planned to be each other’s company in sickness and health and decided to tie the knot.

The couple broke several stereotypes of societal conditioning where remarriages or even marriages in old age are seen through a judgmental lens. They proved that love truly sees no age and if your heart desires to be with someone, it better be now than never.

With growing longevity, it is quite likely that people may have to experience loss of partner, loneliness, isolation and a feeling of solitude in their senior years. While some may find solace in self-partnering, a lot of older adults slip into depression and may experience other degenerative mental conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc. Especially, with shrinking families, with kids moving away for studies and occupations, it is difficult for seniors to adjust to the changes of growing age. Loneliness, which is a slow poison, can be combated with finding the right partner either by marriage or live-in relationship, says Natubhai Patel, who runs a marriage bureau for older adults in Gujarat. He also stresses that companionship in old age impacts one’s longevity positively and also adds to mental peace.

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Interestingly, India as a society is welcoming the second innings and becoming more open to the idea of marriage in older years and also live-in relationships. Several celebrity couples have also tied knots in their senior years and set a fine example for society to follow.

The wedding of Kochaniyan and Lakshmi took place at the very old age home itself and was attended by Kerala’s Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar who also did kanyadaan for Lakshmi Ammal. District Collector S. Shanavas also attended the holy matrimony of the senior couple.

Eldr wishes the couple happy and healthy married life further!

Here’s a video of the couple shared by NDTV:


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