Fit at 82 Parshuram Sadhale Turned Life Around With Yoga and Acupressure

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An 82-year old travels more than 160 KM on a bike to treat other people. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Mr. Parshuram Sadhale is 82-year-young man who is a yogic instructor and an acupressure expert. Eldr met Mr. Sadhale to learn about his journey through the science of yoga and acupressure.

There is a saying that goes, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Life did not give lemons to the then 50-year old Parshuram Sadhale. Mr. Sadhale was a Hindi teacher. Post his retirement, when he was ready to settle down for a life of comfort, he was diagnosed with diabetes.

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Accordin to a report published in a leading daily, 69.2 million Indian adult population has diabetes and it is common in older adults. Many of them, in fact, even give up after a few years of treatment as they find it incurable.

Not so for Mr. Parshuram Sadhale. He took diabetes by the horns and decided to defeat it.

Eldr met with this 82-year-old Yogi to get some valuable tips for a ‘Eldr’. The tips are not just relevant for the seniors but also for people of all ages.

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How Parshuram Sadhale Defeated Diabetes

It is a common misconception that type-2 diabetes cannot be controlled or cured completely. To start with, diabetes is not a disease but a condition. Yoga instructors like Ramdev Baba are actively into exercises that can cure diabetes.

After an intensive course at Ramdev Baba’s centre, Mr. Sadhale became a yoga instructor himself. His thirst for knowledge further drew him towards researching new alternate treatments like naturopathy and acupressure. He extensively read books written by Devendra Vora on acupressure and eventually became equipped enough to practice acupressure independently.

Power of Yoga and Acupressure

“Body is your temple and if you devote yourself to take care of it, it will take care of you properly!”

Mr. Sadhale has totally dedicated himself to curing mankind. He considers himself very lucky to be able to do this service. In fact, he has cured some deadly diseases like blood cancer and TB along with ailments like high blood pressure, gastric issues, liver diseases, sleeplessness, diabetes, heart disorders, asthma, stroke, and gangrene.

In an instance, when Mr. Sadhale’s wife suffered from a heart attack, he took it on himself to cure her through naturopathy and acupressure. Now she is completely fine and healthy.

The people who have been cured by Mr. Sadhale regard him nothing less than a messenger of God Himself. However, Mr. Sadhale refutes this claim modestly. He says that the body is your temple and if you devote yourself to take care of it, it will take care of you properly.

Secret to a long and healthy life

Parshuram Sadhale says that there are two simple rules we must always follow in order to live a long and healthy life:

  1. Proper bowel movement daily
  2. No water consumption before and after an hour of having meals

According to him, these two extremely simple rules are the secret to a happy life.

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As we witness Mr. Sadhale performing various yoga asanas effortlessly, we at Eldr are pleasantly surprised at his agility and strength. The octagenarian proudly says that ever since he started practicing yoga, he feels like a 25-year-old. We love his spirit and wish him all the best in his noble mission to spread awareness on the ancient science of yoga and acupressure.

Watch the video to see what the yoga trainer has to say!

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