Eldr’s Top 7 Stories of 2019

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The Year of Good Stories!

2019 was a year when Eldr met with some amazing personalities and interacted with them to write the most unbelievable stories. As 2019 comes to an end, we make a list of all the top stories of 2019 that you loved.

Smita Kulkarni, the 47-Year-Old Marathon Runner

Smita Kulkarni/Facebook

Smita Kulkarni has set the ultimate example of having an active lifestyle in older age and following her passions. After early menopause and ulcerative colitis, this woman bounced back and took up running as a way to tackle her health. Now she regularly participates in marathons and half-marathons. Read her story here.

Love and Care Series

Being together in good times and bad is the true mark of love. In this series, we covered stories of couples who stayed together even during the worst of times and have come up triumphant. Read their stories: ‘Love Has No Labels’‘Love Gives Immense Strength’, and ‘Love Can Make You Immortal’. 

Sangeeta Bahl, the 54-Year-Old Who Conquered the Everest at 53

While most women are told to be at home and manage home chores in their senior years, this woman defied all sexist and ageist norms and climbed Everest at the age of 53. She wasn’t even an experienced mountaineer. She took special training for mountain climbing post 45 and did the feat! Read this amazing story here.

Letters to Grandchildren by Atul Shah

Atul Shah’s Family

70-year-old Mr. Atul Shah has taken up the old-fashioned way of communicating with his granddaughters, Miraya and Amyra. They live on different continents, but Mr. Shah wants them to know that he always loves them and asks them to always put family first. The letter is very emotional and couldn’t be worded better. Read the beautiful letter here.

Tapas Founder Prajakta Wadhavkar on Dementia Care in India

Tapas prajakta

Dementia causes degeneration of brain function in older adults. More than 4.1 million people in India are affected by dementia, yet not many are aware of it. Tapas Foundation provides assisted living facilities to older adults. It is a care centre, unlike other old age homes that only provide shelter to the elderly. Know more about Tapas and its work here.

Feisty at Fifty Author Sudha Menon on Ageism, Sex after 50 and More

Sudha Menon, the 52-year-old badass author talks about how to live life to the fullest regardless of age. She says that India is one of the most ageist societies in the world and it impacts women most. Many older adults also put sex on a lower priority after their 50s. However, Sudha Menon says that sex after 50 is not dull but filled with love and understanding. Watch the feisty author talk here.

63-Year-Old Suresh Mane Cycles Kashmir to Kanyakumari in 28 Days

Watch: 63-Year-old Suresh Mane Cycles Kashmir to Kanyakumari in 28 Days

If you ever hesitate to make a bucket list to fulfill your passions post-retirement, look at the inspiring tale of Suresh Mane who, instead of upgrading to a bigger and better automobile, sold his two-wheeler and car and bought a bicycle instead! He has completed various tours on his cycle across the country, including the legendary one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari! He has many more plans in his kitty for the future as well! Read this simple man’s extraordinary story here.


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