Here’s Bursting These 5 Myths Around COPD

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Characterized by increased breathlessness, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a serious lung disease. It is a group of disorders where there is long standing obstruction to airflow in the airways of lungs. It has a strong association with cigarette smoking and smoke inhalation.

Here bursting some myths around COPD:

Myth 1: COPD is rare
Fact: More than 10M cases of COPD are recorded in India every year

Myth 2: COPD only happens to smokers
Fact: While smoking remains the major cause, long-term exposure to pollutants, growing age and genetic conditions can also cause COPD

Myth 3: COPD is curable
Fact: COPD isn’t curable, but can be treated. Oxygen therapy and antibiotics can cure COPD with time

Myth 4: COPD only affects the lungs
Fact: It can affect the heart and also cause high blood pressure

Myth 5: It only happens to elderly
Fact: COPD can begin in your 40s itself and may present late

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Early diagnosis may not be able to completely treat the condition but can certainly help in managing with COPD and limiting its spread.

Watch the video to know about the myths and facts around COPD.

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