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    Knee Pain

    This article will give you all the relevant information you need related to any kind of bone and joint discomfort.

    Geeta Raj |  02 Sept 2020 |  English

    If a person abuses the senior citizen in public, what would be the law says?

    Hello Krishna, we hope you and the people around you are safe. Here are ways the government can help you fight against elder abuse.

    Sarah |  22 Sept 2019  |  English

    I am 64 years old wants to do the catering business- is there any help from the Government

    Mr. Sankaran, we wish you luck as a rising entrepreneur. We understand that many obstacles are met when starting a business, finance being the biggest one. The government has a few schemes which may lessen the help ease the financial load:

    Sankaran211 |  22 Sept 2019  |  English

    My family next door has very abusive behavior with their mom, she is highly diabetic, and still both the son and the daughter-in-law physically abuse her every now and then. Verbal abuse is very common in that family but nowadays during this lockdown situation the physical abuse has increased. I am really worried about her. What can be done as a neighbor?

    Hi Mehzabeen, it deeply saddens us that your neighbor is living in an abusive environment. We are glad you reached out to us, first step would be to brush through the laws that may be able to help with her protection. Once you see that her situation falls into one of those categories you should proceed to inform authorities. Here is an article with a brief of the laws that will protect the elderly:

    We hope this information helps to create a safer environment for you and your neighbor.

    Rohan Joshi |  13 Jun 2020 |  English

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