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Why is it Necessary to Make a Will?

A will is a very important thing. But people usually don’t talk about it because it’s related to your death. But, after a person’s death, in the absence of a proper will, many problems arise, including unwanted fights and lawsuits. Improper distribution of one’s property – movable and immovable – also results in distress to the people concerned.

It is important to make a will, but it is equally important to know that the will is not made under any threat or threat. In fact, there are times when the death certificate is contested in court and sometimes it can be revoked.

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Meet Advocate Sugaonkar

We met with lawyer Eknath Sugaonkar on behalf of Eldr. We wanted more clarity on the importance and the process of making wills from him. Adv. Sugawankar has been advocating in the Shivajinagar Civil court for the past 90 years. Consequently, he knows quite a lot about family issues.

He told us that in India, 70-75% of people make their own will. This is important because, after your death, there are often litigations or court cases to decide the inheritance. To avoid this, it is necessary for everyone to prepare a will to decide how your property will be divided after death, Sugaonkar said.

He further said that we can make a will at home, on a piece of paper. But if you want to avoid litigations between your close ones after death, you should file a legal will with the sub-registrar. You will need a certificate from your doctor for this. In this certificate, you should mention that you are in good physical and mental health. In addition, you will also need to file the testimony of the two witnesses and the evidence of the property you mentioned in your will.

He finally said that if one person challenged his will after your death, it could be canceled by the civil judge, senior division in the civil court.

Mr. Sugaonkar thus explained to us the importance and method of making a will and urged all to make their will.


We are always looking for ways for making older adults happier. Making a will can be an unpleasant thought in many older adults. But it is really important for everyone to make a will because it will improve the lives of your kin even after you die.

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