COVID-19 health and safety tips for elders

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We have compiled a list of important home safety tips for elders, to help you stay healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic. As immunity in humans deteriorates with increasing age, elder people of the community are the most vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

 1. Maintain social distancing

You would have heard this one before, and yes we do know it is hard to maintain social distancing, especially with strangers when you are outside. People think it might sound impolite or rude to tell others to keep 6 feet apart from you. We are here to tell you it is not rude or impolite to be concerned about your safety, especially during a pandemic.

2. Avoid crowded places

Try to avoid crowded places as much as possible. If you have younger members in the family, ask them to help. This can be as simple as requesting the younger ones of the family to carry out the outside chores for you. We understand that not everyone has younger ones in their family. If this is the case, it’s best to pick an odd time to carry out these chores.

3. Take hygienic measures 

Practicing safety precautions at home is vital to make sure an unwanted guest doesn’t stay back. Precautionary measures should not stop at washing your hands for 30 seconds. Take it a little further by avoiding and sanitising common touchpoints, such as doorknobs, remotes, taps, electric switches, etc. Use single-use hand towels or paper towels for drying hands to avoid sharing towels. Maintain a completely different set of towels if you are hosting guests. (This might get you some upvotes as an educated host).

4. Protect your face

Mask! A three-layer mask covering your nose and not just your mouth. Don’t stop there, go ahead and try to avoid as much contact with your face as possible. Even your hands can be carriers!

5. Don’t succumb to social pressures   

Don’t be shy to cancel your weekly group meetups. Especially if you know the person you are going to be meeting is sick or has come in contact with someone who has the coronavirus. It’s best to keep tabs – on the COVID-19 spread in your community.

6. Analyze the risk

It is good to keep in mind the possible risks when going out, or inviting people home. Such risks should be tackled as a group. Safety precautions to keep in mind are

  • How many people will you be meeting?
  • Will there be social distancing?
  • Will the surroundings be properly ventilated and sanitised?
  • Will everyone present be wearing masks?

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