How to adapt new technology during the digital era?

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It is humbling to see how far we have come in this digital era. The pace of the ever-changing technology can be overwhelming for anyone. It is particularly challenging for those, who have seen communication devices go from fax machines and pagers to cell phones and tablets. 

Ever wondered why is it so challenging for most adults over 60 to adapt to these advancements? What is stopping them from embracing these changes?

The answer is straightforward. Elders, overtime struggle with reduced reactivity, visual and listening impairment. This makes it difficult for them to handle gadgets that have only grown more compact and smaller over time. Keeping the age-related barriers aside, lack of technical knowledge also contributes to this problem.

So how do elders prepare themselves for these digital challenges? When everything around us is shifting onto digital platforms, it is fair to have an “Adapt To Survive Attitude”. Firstly, it is important to understand that only because there have been technological advancements, not all technologies are good or suitable for you.

However, tech companies are acknowledging the challenges elders face with applications and devices and are making efforts to make their experience smoother. For example, we can see newer gadgets that bypass the need to have perfect hearing, listening, and visual ability.

Here are some tech

 1. Virtual assistance gadgets

We can see several tech giants compete in this race. We have Amazon with Echo and Alexa, Apple with Siri and Apple HomePod, Google with google assistant and Google Home, and Microsoft with Cortana. The only physical ability to use these gadgets is speech, making them user-friendly and easily accessible within their voice range.

2. Tablets over Mobiles

It is true tablets may not have all the features of a mobile. Such as being compact and easy to carry around. However, tablets serve the same purpose, with a much bigger screen. Elders who have weak eyesight should use tabs, for more user-friendliness.

3. Smart electronic devices

Smart electronics are efficient in terms of sustainability. Apart from that, they can be monitored from a distance as well. The feature of these devices that can be monitored from a distance can be helpful. For example, Smart lights, cameras, Roomba, ACs, etc.

4. Social Media and Internet

Social media and the internet is a great way to meet new people or old friends who have drifted apart over time. Social media acts as a great medium to connect people. Connecting with friends and family virtually can help bridge the distance gap to some extent. It can be a great source of knowledge and information as long as you refer to credible sources.




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