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Eldr is a dedicated platform for Indian seniors. From health to lifestyle, we talk about everything that revolves around an Indian older adult’s life. We have been working with Indian seniors to understand and bring out interesting ways to keep one healthy and happy in their journey of life. We have successfully opened a dialogue on mental health of seniors in the country, wherein one of the key interests has been life after retirement. 60 years is considered as the official age of retirement in India where one moves from an active everyday schedule to a phase of relaxation and slowdown. However, with changing time, this concept of retiring at 60 has also changed. No more the seniors feel the need to take a back seat post-60. And why should they do?

Considering 78 years is the average life expectancy of an Indian, one still has good 18-20 years to enjoy life to the fullest. Seniors of this era or ‘Seenagers’ (Senior Teenagers) as we know them, want to go out and try newer things. Seenagers enjoy their lives with financial independence on their own terms. They are open to upskill themselves and remain digitally relevant. More and more seniors are looking to take up a full-time/part-time employment or an internship/(consulting roles) post their retirement to keep themselves mentally busy, with an active lifestyle and a growing social environment.

A Delhi based organisation – HUM Communities has been able to understand this need of seniors and has been able to bridge this gap between the senior communities and the corporate world.

What are HUM Communities?

77-year old Ramesh Vij was retiring from his job and he was very anxious about it. He had imagined a number of ailments post-retirement. But he had also noticed that though people retired at the age of 55-65, they had the alertness to work for a few more years.

Mr. Ramesh Vij and Kritarth Malhotra, an electrical engineer, started HUM Communities, which is a recruitment enterprise. They are an online community that works with seenagers and retirees across India to ensure that they are gainfully engaged.

Mr. Vij, a retired technocrat, firmly believes that while people retire from work at around 60, they have the capability to be employed/self-employed for another 10-20 years. This also helps to reduce depression that many older adults face after retirement as they have something to look forward to every day. In other words, HUM Communities tries to promote a sense of purpose and mental well-being in older adults.

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What does HUM Communities do?

HUM Communities believe that companies face a big challenge during recruitment for certain roles and thus have high attrition rates (no stability in the workforce) in those roles and frequently need new people for these roles. Many start-ups/new entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey or audit firms require people at certain points of time (financial year-end, for example).

HUM Communities acts as a connection between seniors and such companies. They recognize the potential in such tie-ups and provide solutions for both the companies and older adults.

The fact that older adults, especially those in urban areas, have adopted new technologies more readily in the last 5 years also has empowered them to take up new job opportunities and fulfill their passions lucratively.

How do Seniors Benefit from These Opportunities?

Older adults, by the time they retire, are accustomed to a whole day of being busy. While retirement does bring rest and time, many of the older adults start missing the mental and physical activity they have been doing along for so long.

For a week or a month or even a year, an older adult feels more relaxed to be sitting at home doing nothing. But as time passes, they start realizing that so much time can be detrimental to their physical as well as mental health. With so many years of productivity left in them, they often cannot channelize it and end up having mental disorders like depression or mood swings.

HUM Communities has conducted surveys across tier 1 and tier 2 cities across India about the requirements (social, financial, emotional) of senior citizens, as well as to study the various mental and physical ailments in older adults. Through these surveys, HUM Communities found that a majority of the older adults are technologically sound. They know how to use the Internet on their phones and are capable of and open to learning new technologies. These tech-savvy citizens are just what companies need from their interns and employees.

HUM Communities then campaigned for these older adults to help them use their expertise in companies. Some of the older adults have been successfully hired at various start-ups as “experienced interns” in various roles like government advisors, legal consultants, managers, mentors, technology experts, business developers, an operations executive, etc. Thus, these “experienced interns” are helping start-ups and budding entrepreneurs get experienced and reliable people as an asset.

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How Does Recruitment Work?

  1. They reach out to employers who are looking to hire talent.
  2. They offer them a professional service of recruiting talent (mid/senior-level) through the senior recruitment network (SRN), which is the recruitment wing of HUM Communities that takes care of talent sourcing and screening.
  3. Once they build a strong connection with the client, they push their campaign of hiring senior talent by showing case studies of employers who have hired senior talent in the past.

What is SRN?

Senior Recruitment Network, or SRN, is the recruitment wing of HUM Communities. It focuses on building a digital platform for industry experts and retirees from the Human Resource Management (HRM) industry. SRN provides them an opportunity to kick-start their own entrepreneurship/consulting career post-retirement.

Employers get candidates who are screened and prepared by the recruiters. These candidates have spent more than 2-3 decades in the industry and are powerhouses of talent. This makes the whole recruitment process faster and efficient. There are faster closures as well.

It is a win-win situation for everyone.

This association is called the Senior Recruiter Network or SRN. They help create a digital platform for older adults that is easily accessible, fits in their daily routine, attracts service providers and ensures sustenance. As more than 80% of the older adults are familiar with WhatsApp and Facebook, there are groups on these platforms that help seniors.

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SRN is profitable on two fronts:

  1. It creates a platform for retirees from the HR field and provides them an opportunity to kick-start their entrepreneurial career post-retirement
  2. It provides legitimate and thoroughly screened candidate lists to employers for easier and faster recruitments

Eldr Partnering with Hum Communities

Eldr is a platform that focuses on bringing awareness to the Indian older adults on the various physical and mental illnesses. We strive to cover all topics that an average Indian senior citizen may need to live a happy life in old age.

HUM Communities are also a way forward for senior citizens post-retirement. Together, Eldr and HUM hope to improve the quality of life of older adults in India. We believe that no person should be discriminated based on their age and are actively working to create a more inclusive society. We have been getting more and more active support from the online community and hope that this support works in the favour of all involved!

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