6 hobbies elderly can pursue post-retirement

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Hobbies for the elderly can be a great way to keep busy after retirement. This might be the best time to break out those new swimsuits or revisit that old bookshelf. Studies have shown that pursuing a hobby of your liking or even learning a new skill can help counter cognitive aging. Pursing a new hobby might sound like a monumental task, however, there is always a place for beginners, and it’s never too late to start learning something new.

While increasing age poses a challenge, with limited ability for physical activities, picking out a hobby can sound difficult. Let us assure you that there are several engaging activities that you can take up and leverage for your mental and physical benefits. We have compiled a list of interests that you can choose to keep yourself entertained.

1. Walking

Walking is a great way to combine your hobby with physical activity. This can be something that you can do alone or with a group of friends. Walking provides benefits beyond physical, it can be a solo activity to spend time with yourself as you take time out to reflect on things.

2. Gardening

This is one of the most underrated activities for seniors, and while it may seem like an easy thing, even half an hour of gardening can ensure elders meet the required daily physical activity. Gardening has multiple health benefits and helps you maintain blood pressure, get your body the much-needed vitamin D, and most importantly get you outdoor.

3. Swimming

Swimming goes easy on the joints and muscles of elders but at the same time a really good cardiovascular exercise. It is a low-impact activity that can be practiced to retain strength in the muscles and stay physically active. It is especially good for elders as they can get into shape without adding too much stress to their bodies.

4. Playing an instrument

Why not recreate those long-lost tunes yourself, or create a completely new one? Music instruments like guitar, ukulele, and piano – are some of the common instruments among elders. Playing instruments requires motor skills and a great mind and body coordination. Even though playing an instrument is an individual activity, turning it into a group activity could be a great idea for senior citizens.

5. Art & Craft

Art is a common type of therapeutic activity. In elders, it helps decrease issues such as anxiety and increases hand-eye coordination. As a hobby, many people enjoy painting individually or in a group. It’s not uncommon to find community painting groups, that organize nature painting sessions.

6. Gaming

Gaming provides great entertainment and also allows you to socialize. There are unlimited options for game categories to choose from and different platforms to play on. Gaming is popular in the young generation too, so obviously it becomes one option to spend time with children or grandchildren. According to a study, playing games gives the brain a healthy challenge too.

Apart from this, elders can pursue several other hobbies, such as reading or joining a book club, photography, birdwatching, volunteering, hiking, and yoga. Taking up a hobby isn’t a motive to kill time but to stay healthy and active while doing the things you enjoy the most.

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