7 things you must do with your grandchildren

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1) Cook new cuisines

Children love helping out when you are cooking. You can enlist their help according to their age and cook together. Cooking together bonds you like nothing else will. You can ask them what they would like to eat. This way you can all explore new cuisines in your kitchen. A child involved in food preparation is also interested in eating it and there is less wastage.

2) Play video games

Video games are one of the best ways both you and your grandchildren can have fun without overexerting yourself. Ask your grandchildren to teach you the ropes, decide your favourite game and go! Video games help you develop and maintain your hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills as well.

3) Get them interested in your hobby

Children, especially younger ones, are open to new ideas and are quick learners. If you have any hobbies like reading, knitting, gardening, music, painting, embroidery, craftwork, etc., you can include them in it. You can even take up new classes with them like pottery or photography so that both you and your grandchildren learn and have fun too.

4) Watch movies or listen to songs

Watching movies with your grandchildren can bring you closer. You can alternate between watching movies from your time and some new ones they like. This way, you will be updated on the latest movies and your grandchildren will learn how good things were in the olden days. There are a number of animated movies on the Ramayana and Mahabharata that both you and your grandchildren can enjoy. You can also listen to songs together, both old and new. Old melodies are haunting and new songs will teach you new things about techno-beats.

5) Play board games

Board games are the best way to get your grandchildren off the screen. Board games serve many purposes. They keep the children entertained, you can sit and relax for a bit, and your brain gets a good workout. They are also a great way of bringing the whole family together. Board games like chess, scrabble, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and Carrom are good options to spend some quality time with your grandchildren.

6) Tell stories

Grandparents are known for their story-telling skills all over India. Old stories are a way to teach your grandchildren good values. As a grandparent, you will have a huge reservoir of stories and anecdotes that you can share with your grandchildren. This way, their imagination soars too.

7) Play word games

As a grandparent, your vocabulary is larger than your grandchildren. You can use this knowledge to teach your grandchildren complicated new words. You can play word games like starting a new word with the last letter of the old word or naming words starting with a particular letter at a particular place. Word games not only improve your grandchildren’s vocabulary, but your brain and memory remains sharp as well.


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