What are the Financial Aspects of Kidney and Liver Transplantation?

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You may have heard about organ transplant and the success rate of it, however, what comes to the mind is the financial aspect of the entire surgery and the procedure. Imagining someone in the need of organ transplant and desperation to undergo such a critical medical procedure is overwhelming.

The decision to go under the needle in such condition is not depended on an individual, it is the mutual understanding within the family and the person who is in need. Although, India’s reputation in the field of science and medicine is unquestionable.  With proficient surgeons and doctors, India is emerging as one of the best countries with reference to medicine and surgery.

One of the challenges which most of the Indians encounter is the financial aspects to undergo transplants. India has a vivid economy and growing population is one of the factors to it. Fluctuations in the income of every family are frequent and difficult to cope up with. Although the success rate is good when we talk about organ transplant, we can’t deny the difficulty to find the appropriate donor in 1.2 billion people. It is depressing when the population is around 1.2 billion, but the statistics stand at 0.08 people as organ donors per million population. When we talk about numbers, the need of the hour is the organ donors. Every year 500,000 people die because of non-availability of organs, 150,000 people await a kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one and 200,000 people die of liver diseases. And, even if the appropriate donor is found, the cost to undergo an organ transplant is sky high.

The entire procedure from finding the organ to undergo the transplant and then the post care is pretty strenuous mentally, as well as, financially.

While we consider the price of the organ such as kidney and liver, which is priced at Rs.2-3 lakhs for kidney and Rs.12-15 lakhs for liver which most of the middle-class families may not be able to afford, making organ transplant in itself is an ambitious goal.

There are few hospitals which may offer these organs at the cheapest price as compared to the private hospital. According to a report by a leading daily in 2016, the price of the liver transplant was a whopping Rs.20-30 lakh, that cost is enormous for most of the people in India. Whereas, most of the people in India may not even earn that amount of money throughout their life.

Financial Assistance

There are a few institutions and organizations that are extending a helping hand in financial assistance for kidney and liver transplants.

National Health Mission (NHM): The Government of Assam, under “Susrusha” scheme, give Rs. 1 lakh to patients who have undergone a kidney transplant. However, this limits only to the residents of Assam and whose annual income is under Rs. 3 lakh.

Tata Trusts: The Tata Trusts offers financial assistance to people who are in the burden of medical bills and treatments. They do provide direct assistance to the hospital and one can apply for these medical grants, by downloading the form and submitting it to their office.

Indian Renal Foundation (IRF): Save a life is a motive started by IRF which gives financial assistance to patients who have or will undergo a kidney transplant. Approximately, 250 patients have been given financial assistance at regular intervals. This foundation also raises awareness of organ donation and how it can save lives.

Ketto: Ketto is a platform where one can raise fund, quickly and easily through donations from people. Thorugh Ketto one can raise funds for multiple reasons, and if the fundraising shared appropriately to social network it has proved to raise a huge amount of funds.

Milaap: Milaap is another crowdfunding platform which can help to raise funds across India. By April 2018, Milaap were able to raise approximately 330 crores, which was utilized for more than 10000 needy people.

Organ Donation

There are multiple challenges a family has to go through when it comes to organ transplant or finding an organ donor, hence there are a few organizations and foundations, who are striving hard to make organs available for those who are in need of it. NGO’s like Mohan foundation, Shatayu, Gift your organ and Gift a life, are following their vision to ensure that every Indian who is in need of organ can undergo a successful organ transplant. Their regular awareness programmes and campaigns have helped thousands of patients.

People who receive a liver or kidney from a living donor have higher survival rates because having a living donor usually means a shorter wait for a liver or kidney. If we talk about organ transplant using living donors, the five-year survival rate is about 78 percent.

One can understand it may be difficult to think of organ donation of a loved one; however organ donation is a generous decision that can save the lives of many. By donating organs, each person can save the lives of up to 7 individuals and enhance the lives of over 50 people by way of tissue donation.



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