How technology can improve the lives of senior citizens

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Technology has advanced a long way over the course of the lifetime of senior citizens. They have seen events like the moon landing, dramatic medical advances, and the rise of an IoT(Internet of Things).

 1. Digital connections

Elders are a rapidly growing segment amongst today’s netizens. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp & many more, it’s easy to connect with friends and family. In addition to this, on a platform like Facebook, you can connect with new people or join a community of individuals who shares the same interest as you.
Nowadays, video calls are as comfortable as texting or calling. By video call, you can have family meetings and can see each other in real-time. By video call, you can bridge gaps between you and your loved ones by checking how they look and how they sound.

2. Track, remind and share

Due to advancements in technology, health tracking is an easy task. Right apps and gadgets like fitness trackers, which are readily available from different brands, make this possible. Using wearables, smart home technology, and with the help of apps and A.I. powered platforms seniors and their caregivers can track information such as health condition, medication schedules, doctors contact, and medical history. This also helps doctors to make informed decisions.

With the use of the right apps, you can manage medications alerts, emergency alerts for vital signs like heart rate and respiration, especially in time of covid-19 pandemic; also track and share your location for easy navigation

3. Entertainment and ease the workload

Watch movies and TV series from the comfort of your home with different streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Sony LIV, Hotstar.
Other than fun games available on mobile, there are few apps or games specifically designed to increase critical thinking, prevention of memory loss, etc.

With the help of an application, you can organize and manage your monthly bills without stepping out, also your weekly or monthly groceries can be delivered to your doorsteps.


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