20 things every older adult must do in 2020

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A New Year’s Here!

2020 is here! As usual, we are super-excited for the New Year because of the endless possibilities that it brings. It is a blank slate waiting for us to fill it in as per our wish.

New Year is the time of new resolutions. We make resolutions for our betterment and try to follow it through the year so that it becomes a habit.

Here are 20 resolutions you should take in 2020 for better health and life.

1) I Will Get My Health Check-ups Done Regularly

This is one of the most important things older adults neglect often. Health check-ups take a backseat and some older adults do not come to know about their condition until it has advanced considerably. Regular health check-ups are an absolute must. Women above 45 must get a Pap smear test every year. Other routine checks like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, ECG, etc. are recommended. Your doctor will inform you about the frequency of these tests and check-ups.

2) I Will Be Up To Date on my Vaccinations

Vaccinations, contrary to the popular belief that only infants need them, are required to be taken throughout your lifetime. Some vaccinations are newly developed, you might have missed some in your childhood and some vaccines work only for a few years. Accordingly, you can get yourself immunized to prevent illnesses in older age due to weakened immunity.

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3) I Will Take up Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is one of the best ways for older adults to keep fit. Yoga not only helps in keeping the body supple and flexible in old age but also helps clean your mind of unwanted thoughts. Breathing exercises like Pranayama and laughter yoga purify the blood and increases lung capacity. You could also consider taking up meditation. Meditation helps you focus your mind and increase your productivity in day-to-day activities. The best part about yoga and meditation is that you do not need any special exercise wear or a special place to exercise. You can do it in the comfort of your home in your home clothes.

4) I Will Become Active on Social Media

Social media has penetrated almost every aspect of life. It is not easy to stay away from it, especially when everyone around you is using it. Instead of avoiding it, you can embrace the change and become active on social media. WhatsApp and Facebook are most popular among older adults, though quite a few are on Instagram and Twitter as well. Many older adults are on platforms like TikTok that gives them a chance to shine and show their talents. You can even take up blogging or making YouTube videos on the topics you are passionate about. Who knows, you might be the next successful social media influencer!

5) I Will Use Mobile Apps to My Advantage

One of the many advantages of a smartphone is the apps that you can use in it. There are apps for absolutely everything from social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook to apps that monitor your sleep, exercise, blood sugar, heart rate and even fight depression. You can install various apps on your phone to manage your health, stay connected to your friends and family, pursue your hobbies and get safe transport for wherever you want to go. You can even book tickets and shop from the comfort of your home. Familiarize yourself with mobile apps

6) I Will Evaluate My Food Choices

As an older adult, the onus of eating responsibly falls upon you. Whether or not you have any disorders like diabetes and hypertension, you should avoid overeating and excessive intake of calories. Adopting a vegan diet could be a great choice this new year as well. Whatever food choices you make, you should remember that it directly affects your body and as we age, our organs age too. This may lead to endless problems if you are not careful. While occasional indulging is permissible, you should maintain a balanced diet on a regular basis so that you don’t suffer from obesity or other disorders and also retain energy to perform your activities throughout the day.

7) I Will Exercise Regularly

Exercising should be a part of your daily schedule. If you haven’t started exercising yet, what better time to start than the New Year! Make an exercise plan and stick to it diligently. You need not do anything strenuous – even a brisk walk every morning can improve your health considerably. If you have any health conditions like arthritis or high blood pressure, you might need to consult your doctor for instructions on which exercises you can do. In general, swimming and cycling are the best exercises for older adults.

8) I Will Take Up a New Hobby

New hobbies are not restricted to children and younger adults. Anyone, irrespective of age, can pick up a new hobby. It could be an old passion you couldn’t follow when you were younger or a completely new one. Learning a new skill and exploring unexplored territories can stimulate your mind and keep it sharp, preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s from taking over.

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9) I Will Take Care of My Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that is often swept under the carpet in India. Nobody wishes to discuss it and are ready to judge people who do. This leads to numerous mental illnesses like depression and anxiety going unnoticed. Older adults, especially, find it difficult to talk about their mental conditions even to their closest ones for fear of judgment or simply being trivialized. Mental health is as important as physical health is and everyone should be made aware of this fact.

10) I Will Keep Myself Informed About the Health and Financial Policies in India

There are many health policies and financial policies both by the government and private organizations in India. These policies are specially designed to benefit older adults who have limited income and more health issues. Keeping yourself updated with these policies can help you save money and also avail medical facilities at subsidized rates.

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11) I Will Take Care of My Skin

Why should only younger adults have glowing and healthy skin? Older adults can also have healthy skin by following some simple skin care techniques. You can also use makeup for attending functions without damaging your skin. All you need is a little time and good skincare products.

12) I Will Have Glossy and Shiny Hair

Older adults usually give hair care the least priority. Many older adults have problems like hair fall and dandruff apart from the inevitable greying. However, you can take care of your hair with a simple routine and a good diet. By the end of the year, you will have thick shiny hair you thought you had lost!

13) I Will Open My Mind to Remarriages and Live-In Relationships

Many older adults choose to remarry or live with a partner in a live-in relationship as they crave companionship. However, in India, this idea is very new and has not taken strong roots yet. While there are people like Natubhai Patel who are actively working to find partners for older adults, many of the seniors find it shameful to talk about seeking a partner in old age. Whether it is for yourself or for others, there is nothing wrong in seeking companionship, whatever your age may be.

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14) I Will Self-Partner Myself

Self-partnering is often confused for being single. However, you can be married and self-partnered as well! Self-partnering means finding happiness and contentment within yourself, whether or not you have a partner or children. This also means that you will no longer be emotionally dependant on others for your happiness and their actions cannot cause you sadness.

15) I Will Take Care of My Teeth

After skin and hair, older adults tend to neglect dental care. As India does not have dental insurances, many people do not visit dentists to take care of their teeth. However, dental hygiene is as important as physical hygiene or even more because bad dental health affects your physical health directly. Make it a point to visit your dentist regularly. If you have dentures, know how you should take care of them so that they last longer.

16) I Will Explore New Territories

Traveling expands your horizons. You get to learn about new cultures and ways of life. You can meet new people and eat new foods as well. You must make it a point to travel post-retirement when you have some time on your hands. You can travel alone or with your family, whichever way you prefer. There are travel tour organizers who specialize in packages for older adults. These packages take care of all the needs of senior citizens so that you have an easy and uneventful journey.

17) I Will Not Let Abuse Happen Around Me

It is a sad fact that many older adults in India undergo some form of abuse. According to a survey by HelpAge India, more than 37% of the older adult population in India face bad treatment, while a significant number are isolated, mentally or emotionally abused. Some of them are even denied basic necessities. If you are facing abuse of some sort or if you see someone you know going through any type of abuse, try to help. Many older adults are sadly unaware that there are laws for their protection. Keep yourself updated on the laws and be aware.

18) I Will Insure Myself

Many Indians, in general, are paranoid about getting insurance for themselves. Older adults are more hesitant because, in addition to associated with bad things like sicknesses and death, the premiums of insurance policies are very high. Senior citizens who are solely dependent on their pension or some minimal income find themselves unable to pay the money. So they put taking insurance on the last priority and then face major setbacks when they are faced with huge medical fees. However, some of the insurance companies in India provide senior-friendly insurance plans so that everyone can avail of these benefits.

19) I Will Sleep Better

With advancing age, you might experience lesser sleep. Many older adults think this is normal. However, the elderly also need 6-8 hours of sleep to feel fresh in the morning. Due to less sleep, older adults tend to sleep during the daytime. You need to monitor your sleep habits. If you are continuously feeling tired during the day, it may be because you are not getting ample sleep at night. Conditions like sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome (RLS), anxiety and depression can also contribute to insomnia (sleeplessness). You need to seek treatment to cure these conditions.

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20) I Will #Pledgefor100

We at Eldr wish that every older adult lives up to 100 and beyond. With this aim in mind, we keep you updated with various things you can do to keep yourself healthy. A healthy mind and body can increase your longevity and you can easily live up to 100. Take the #Pledgefor100 and live happily.


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