Here are your 9 most-asked health queries of 2020

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As an older adult, there may be times when you need help but do not know whom to ask. Eldr is a platform for seniors to ask questions about their health fearlessly and without judgment.

We have made a compilation of the most asked questions in 2019.

What Are The Warning Signs of Infective Endocarditis?


Infection of the inner lining of the heart, also known as the endocardium, is called infective endocarditis. Due to infection, blood starts clotting on the damaged surface, usually a heart valve. This leads to various problems like stroke, heart problems like heart attack and heart failure and pulmonary embolism. Read all about Infective Endocarditis here.

What is Uterine Cancer? Who is at Risk for Uterine Cancer?

Uterine cancer is one of the top three diseases women suffer from. While uterine cancer can occur at any age, menopausal women between 60-70 years old, women with breast cancer, women with diabetes and blood pressure, etc. are at higher risk. Read all about uterine cancer here.

Can a Vegan Diet Cure Chronic Ailments?

Mahendra palesha

The vegan diet is one of the fastest-growing diets in recent times. In fact, there are exclusively vegan restaurants in foreign countries that serve only vegan food. A vegan diet is very beneficial for health as it involves having a completely plant-based diet. Here is Mahendra Palesha talking about the benefits of turning vegan.

Does Obesity Cause Diabetes?

Obesity or the accumulation of excess fats in the body is a major cause of comorbid disorders like diabetes and hypertension. Obesity and diabetes are closely linked with each other. Obesity also causes other problems in older adults like sleep apnea, paralysis, heart diseases, and osteoporosis. Watch Dr. Reema Kashive, M.D. in Diabetes and Obesity talk about these disorders here.

What is Laughter Yoga? How is Laughter Yoga Beneficial?

Yoga, in recent times, has branched out into various areas. Laughter yoga is one of the many newer branches of yoga that focuses on achieving physical good health by promoting mental well-being. You can see people, mostly older adults, laughing out loud in gardens and parks. This method of laughing not only improves your mental health by producing endorphins and pheromones but also your physical health by purifying your blood. Read about Navchaitanya Hasya Club and how laughter yoga helps transform lives here.

How to Drink Water Correctly?

What Vedas tell about drinking water

Everyone knows how much water to drink according to their body weight. But did you know that the Ayurveda textbooks have detailed instructions on how to drink water? Here are the 7 tips from the Vedas that tell you how to drink water so that it is beneficial for you.

How to Cure Hernia Using Acupressure?

Hernia is a very common problem occurring across all age groups. However, there are home remedies including acupressure to treat this issue. Here are various acupressure techniques to cure different hernias at home.

What is Golden Hour for Stroke?


When a close one suffers from a stroke, the first emotion might be panic. But remember that every second after a stroke counts. Here is an infographic explaining the importance of golden hour after a stroke.

Which are the 5 most visted doctor faculties for older adults?

Doctors Day

Eldr spoke to 5 eminent doctors in Pune who strive actively to make the life of older adults better, and these doctors come from the medicine faculties which are most visited by older adults. Watch what they have to say by clicking here.


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