7 Alternative Remedies to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

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People with Parkinson’s have several benefits from exercising regularly, like improvement in the body balance and keeping the muscles active. Your workout program should be for 30 minutes and must include stretching, strengthening exercise and endurance training. Outdoor activities must be considered twice a week. Also, performing Tai chi, an ancient Chinese form of exercise is also proven to be beneficial.


People with Parkinson’s disease must include a variety of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and whole grains in their diet. Protein-rich food like meat and beans with a balanced consumption of fish, eggs, nuts, etc. are beneficial. Proper intake of food and maintaining a healthy diet is essential as Parkinson’s patients tend to lose weight and experience loss of appetite which is a common symptom.

Dance and Music

Dancing improves the movements of the body and maintains the coordination of muscles. Dancing also has social benefits and is a great mood booster. People with Parkinson’s choose dancing as it gives physical/mental refreshment and relaxation. On the other hand, music therapies improve mood, reduces stress, eases pain and lessens anxiety. Hence, people with PD often decide to make dancing and music as a hobby.


Indians have been practicing yoga since ages and practicing its postures has been proved to make wonders physically and mentally. Patients with Parkinson’s disease have various benefits of yoga like flexible body, loosening of tight and painful muscles. Yoga also improves the range of motion, muscle coordination, strength and balance of the body. Overall, it enhances the quality of life of anyone with Parkinson’s disease.


We have been treating muscle pain with massages and it is the household remedy which is common in India. It has been observed that body massage does release the tension of the muscle, improves blood circulation, and relaxes the body. People with Parkinson’s disease should consider massage therapy once in a week to overcome bradykinesia (slow body movement), rigid muscle and improving the posture and balance.


Acupuncture treatment in Parkinson’s patients brings the energy flow back into proper balance. Doctors do recommend this treatment as it helps in back pain, neck pain, knee pain, fatigue, and migraine. Also, if acupuncture performed correctly it is perfectly safe and has very few side effects. Another benefit of acupuncture is that it can be combined with other treatments, so people with ongoing medications may not have to worry about this treatment.

Herbal Remedies

Ayurveda Herbal treatments like mucuna plant contain levodopa which is one of the important medication in Parkinson’s disease. It increases dopamine levels in the brain and improves the nervous system of the body. Herbs like nervine herbs are used to reduce tremors, vascular dilators to relax rigid muscles and some herbs may help with skin conditions. Herbal treatments are common in India and visiting a professional herbalist may improve the condition in Parkinson’s disease.


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