Learn How to Cure Hernia With Acupressure

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Inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia is caused due to an increase in weight, especially in the abdominal area. This makes the membranes weaker and the intestines start sliding downwards. The scrotum swells unnaturally causing discomfort and pain.

  • Treating Inguinal Hernia using Acupressure

This is the genital point and your intestines are pushing downwards (downward flow of energy).

inguinal hernia acupressure

Stroke upwards for 2-5 minutes using a diagnostic tool, hair clip, or a pencil. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and concentrate on the region of the inguinal hernia.

  • Treating Inguinal Hernia using Seed Therapy


inguinal hernia acupressure

Stick watermelon seeds with the tip pointing upwards (as the energy flows towards the tip) on a piece of tape and stick it on your hand. It is called seed therapy. Keep it for at least 4-5 hours or overnight. Do not use the seeds again.

Hiatus Hernia

Hiatus hernia is caused when some part of the abdomen enters the esophagus. There are some ways to prevent the occurrence of hiatus hernia like eating in small portions, walking after a meal, drinking adequate water. You can also have methi tea, chew on jeera and drink aloe vera juice.

  • Treating Hiatus Hernia using Acupressure

Apply pressure on the areas marked with numbers in the picture.

hiatus hernia acupressure

Apply pressure, rotate and release – follow this method for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. [1 is convection vessel point. 2 is sp6. 3 and 4 are kidney points. 5 is on the outside edge of the index finger called lung point.]

  • Treating Hiatus Hernia using Seed Therapy

Stick methi seeds on a piece of tape and stick it on the lower portion of the ring and little fingers. Keep it on for 4-5 hours or overnight. Once used, do not use the seeds again.

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Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical hernia results due to overweight or weakness of abdominal muscles. This causes the organs to come out through the navel causing a swelling.

  • Treating Umbilical Hernia using Acupressure

umbilical hernia acupressure

Take a diagnostic tool or a pencil and make inward strokes towards the centre of your palm.

  • Treating Umbilical Hernia using Seed Therapy

umbilical hernia acupressure

Stick watermelon seeds on a tape with the tips pointing inward in a circle. Keep the centre on the centre of your palm and stick it on firmly. Keep it on for 4-5 hours or overnight. Do not reuse the seeds.

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